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Here is a look at some of the many farm and stable photos taken over the past few years (just click on the date)

August 2002 -  Hibeamer's First Real Trail Ride to Bodie, California
September and October 2002 - Farm & Stable Photos
September 2003 - Farm Photos
July 2004 - A Second Trail Ride to Bodie with Hibeamer
Winter 2005 - Farm Photos after the storm
December 2005 - Training Photos taken by Janet Parris
July 2008 - Training Photos taken by Janet Parris
August 2008 - Photos of the Nathalie Tremblay Stable at the outer barn
November 2008  - Slide show of K D Amazin Spirit's race for the Sires Championship
April 2009 - Slide show of K D Amazin Spirit and K D Nicol in the April 11th 2009 Sires
July 2010 - Slide show of farm activities during a break from racing at Cal Expo
December 2012 - YouTube video of scenes around the farm on a foggy morning.
February 2014 - YouTube video of some the horses on the farm.