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Portrait of Plum Rum PeanutsTo highlight our Rescue page, we thought we would tell you the tale of Plum Rum Peanuts, a retired pacer we purchased as a pleasure horse long before we became involved in the harness racing business.  This is our testimony about  what terrific family horses these Standardbreds can become.

Tiffany on Peanuts

Born in 1969 from Hanover stock, Peanuts first raced on the east coast.  He arrived in California in 1976, finally leaving the track in 1978 with 18 career wins.  We're still looking for specifics, but assume Peanuts was retrained and became a pleasure horse shortly thereafter.

In 1982 we purchased Peanuts for trail riding.  We had to teach him to neck rein and acclimate him to the trails, but he learned quickly.  Keith & Peanuts enjoying a cookieHis early training gave him terrific stamina.  In his prime, he never failed to keep up with the other breeds, and in fact often leads the group.   He is a pleasure to ride:  his slow lope is as smooth as glass and the few times he slips into a pace he just glides.Leading the post parade

In 1996 at the age of 26, Peanuts was invited to return to Cal Expo and lead the post parade for the first few weekends of the meet.

September 20, 2001 update.  We lost Peanuts late this afternoon; I guess he decided it was his time to move on.  He had his dinner and we found him about an hour later.  At age 32, Peanuts was healthy and seemed content throughout his old age.  A wonderful all-around horse and pet, he will be missed very much.

Recently, Keith took one of our horses that did not make it to the races on a trip to Bodie, California for some trail riding experience.  Take a look at  Hibeamer's first trail ride here. Also, his 2nd ride in 2004 here

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(Here are a few more links to assist you in your search for that special horse:)

The Grace Foundation of Northern California is an equine rescue and rehabilitation facility located in El Dorado Hills, CA.

TROTR is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to assisting retired racing horses learn new careers, as well as caring for abused or abandoned horses and finding them new, loving homes. Our adventure began with the purchase of a small ranch just south of Woodland, CA. Our passion has grown to include Draft horses, Mustangs, Standardbreds, Mini's and one very lovable little Donkey.

Exracers.com.  The online community for retraining all kinds of exracers.

U.S. Trotting Association Rescue Contacts  including:

Standardbred Rescue:     Michelle Staples is the contact in northern California

American Standardbred Adoption Program (ASAP)    

Standardbred Retirement Foundation  Eastern Rescue

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Maine  encourages recruitment, retraining, placement and promotion of the Standardbred horse's versatility for pleasure purposes before, during, and after harness racing careers.

Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of NSW Australia, Inc.

The Standardbred Fan Club is comprised of people who have Standardbreds, are interested in the breed, want to make friends with other Standardbred owners or fans, and anyone from anywhere in the world! At present, the Club runs out of Epona Stable located in British Columbia, Canada.

Dignity After Racing  is an advocacy & lobbying group whose aim is to work with Horsemen & Standardbred rescue groups.  The organization's goals are to promote rule changes to protect  Standardbreds from ending up in graded sales where they are typically sold for meat slaughter.  Their ultimate goal is to set up retirement farms for  Standardbreds, along with the many grooms that took care of them during their racing careers .

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